[zeromq-dev] best approach for client authorization in pub-sub?

Andrzej Dworak Andrzej.Dworak at cern.ch
Thu Jan 17 13:00:34 CET 2013

Thanks guys!

I already see some .ru websites providing the keys for 5 eur/month... well the same as for the satellite TV ;-)

I probably didn't fully explain that, for us the use-case is a bit different from a typical pub-sub. As we go over peer to peer tcp/ip we do this authorization rather to limit the number of handled clients (in case there are too many or they have too low priority). Security is not a big thing here as the network is private and we are our own clients. Probably this pre-subscription validation is best thing for us.

Thanks again,

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> I concur with John's suggestion. This is how satellite TV providers do it. They
> allow anyone with a dish to subscribe but only send out keys to authorized
> boxes.
> You can do this with a combo of PUB/SUB and a ROUTER/DEALER combo.
> See http://zguide.zeromq.org/page:all#Getting-an-Out-of-band-Snapshot
> So before subscribing, a client would identify itself to the Router socket and
> recieve keys for the topics it wants to subscribe to.
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