[zeromq-dev] ZMQ_IDENTITY

Jason Smith jason.nevar.smith at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 22:54:31 CET 2013

Hi Nishant,

>From my understanding this would result in messages being lost if it
were possible.

>From the zguide;

"Remember how ØMQ identities work. The server ROUTER socket sets an
identity before it binds its socket. When a client connects, they do a
little handshake to exchange identities, before either side sends a real
message. The client ROUTER socket, having not set an identity, sends a null
identity to the server. The server generates a random UUID to designate the
client, for its own use. The server sends its identity (which we've agreed
is going to be an endpoint string) to the client."

>From this I would gather that if either party was to change their identity
this "linkage" would be broken and any messages sent using this would be
missed. If this was done in a controlled way, i.e. the two endpoints
communicated on another connection that the identity would need to change.

Lastly I forget where I read this, however just remember their are
different rules for when you set identity yourself. In
certain circumstances it means the connection is long lived. Also I forget
whether its the context or the socket itself which needs to be brought down
to clean up this allocated memory. Others might be able to expand more.


On 16 January 2013 04:49, Nishant Mittal <nmittal at rblt.com> wrote:

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