[zeromq-dev] Something's broken in session_base or there's something I really ought to know about multithreading.

Claudio Carbone erupter at libero.it
Mon Jan 14 13:56:29 CET 2013

I managed to understand an important detail:

the problem arises from how I pass parameters to the child thread.

If I just pass a void pointer to the zmq context, all is fine.
If I pass a pointer to my struct (with explicit castings on both sides), 
the problems shows its head.

Now I don't know enough to understand this, I hope someone more 
knowledgeable can chime in.

Here are the two possibilities


void *zmq_cont_ptr = zmq_ctx_new();
pthread_create(&th_hndl_subber, NULL, th_subscriber, zmq_cont_ptr);

non working

typedef struct parameters{
     //Zmqcpp::Context * zmqcont;
     void * zmqcont;
     void (*callback) (std::string);
     std::string ip;
     int conntype;
     std::list<std::string> topics;

parameters myparams;

pthread_create(&th_hndl_subber, NULL, th_subscriber, (void *)&myparams);

void * th_subscriber(void * params)
     parameters *myparameters = (parameters *) params;

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