[zeromq-dev] Unable to get pgm-socket to work

Claudio Carbone erupter at libero.it
Sat Jan 12 11:16:53 CET 2013

Not exactly. 
It means you can't use pgm on a single machine. 
If you need to subscribe from the same machine the publisher is running on, you have to use another transport. 


Per Sandberg <per.sandberg at bredband.net> wrote:

>That means that i always will have to use two addresses for pup/sub, one 
>that is global for the site  and another one that is for a local host to 
>get the semantics right.
>On 11/01/13 19:47, Steven McCoy wrote:
>> On 11 January 2013 13:31, Per Sandberg <per.sandberg at bredband.net
>> <mailto:per.sandberg at bredband.net>> wrote:
>>     I got two threads i the same program
>>     connecting to "epgm://
>>     <>;239.168.__1.1:5555 <>"
>>     I got the messages sent to the network but the receiving thread
>>     using the same "URL" is not getting any data.
>> The same URL will not work as loopback is disabled by design: ITC and
>> IPC fulfil that role.
>> Please try with two different hosts on the same network and thus there
>> should be two different URLs, one for each interface address.  For
>> convenience you can use the adapter name or network declaration if you
>> want a single URL to use across multiple hosts.
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