[zeromq-dev] is priority inversion a problem?

Wolfgang Richter wolf at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 9 21:40:10 CET 2013

This seems to be a semi-reproducible case (randomness due to scheduler
and ordering of events):


We start 3 threads here:

(1) Low priority -- allocate messages in a loop, send messages in another loop
(2) Medium priority -- dumb primality test (just burns CPU)
(3) High priority -- receive messages in a loop, deallocate messages
in another loop

On my system, generally, allocations (zmq_msg_init_size),
deallocations (zmq_msg_close), sending (zmq_send), and receiving
(zmq_recv) with the ZeroMQ functions each take microseconds.

The medium priority thread takes, in contrast, tens of seconds to
complete its task.

We let these threads run and compete with the scheduler until:

(1) The allocate and deallocate loops overlap with each other
(2) The high thread hits a lock somewhere in memory allocation code
that the low thread holds
(3) Medium thread preempts the high thread (because he is stuck
waiting for low thread)

I think some executions hit priority inversion as evidenced by this
snippet from example.log (starting at

> [LOW,1357608714109653] Allocate loop Start.
> [LOW,1357608714109657] Allocated and set in 4 microseconds
> [LOW,1357608714109661] Allocate loop Start.

Here, the low thread is preempted by the medium thread.

> [MEDIUM,1357608714109675] Performing PRIME test loop.

Okay, but clearly medium can get preempted by a high thread---which
happens here.

> [HIGH,1357608714109708] Deallocate loop start.

Oddly, our high thread gets preempted for the medium thread!  Here I
assume that the high thread is now stuck waiting on a lock that the
low thread holds (embedded behind memory allocation code).

> [MEDIUM,1357608755279843] Computed in 41.170 seconds.

After medium finishes, I'm guessing the low priority thread is allowed
to execute relinquishing its lock (this is lower level than where our
prints are).

> ***[HIGH,1357608755279893] Deallocated in 41.170 seconds
> [HIGH,1357608755279909] Deallocate loop start.
> [HIGH,1357608755279914] Deallocated in 5 microseconds
> [HIGH,1357608755279925] Deallocate loop start.
> [HIGH,1357608755279929] Deallocated in 4 microseconds
> [HIGH,1357608755279940] Deallocate loop start.
> [HIGH,1357608755279944] Deallocated in 4 microseconds

After the high priority thread gets in some work, the low priority
gets scheduled again (our high priority thread has a small usleep to
allow the low priority to sneak in sometimes so that they can
interleave allocations and deallocations).

> [LOW,1357608755279922] Allocated and set in 41.170 seconds

Wow: our high priority thread just had to wait 40 seconds for a medium
priority thread (with no ZeroMQ calls at all) to execute.


PS I'm not sure on the best route to handle this with ZeroMQ as a
library is.  Perhaps we should document this on a wiki page and warn
people to be careful mixing priorities with dynamically allocated
messages and the inproc transport.

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 9:09 AM, Pieter Hintjens <ph at imatix.com> wrote:
> Do you have a reproducible case for this?
> -Pieter
> On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 11:01 PM, Roger Dannenberg <rbd at cs.cmu.edu> wrote:
>> Does ZeroMQ support communication among fixed priority threads using
>> inproc transport? It looks to me like ZeroMQ uses malloc to
>> allocate/free messages, which implies a shared lock on a shared heap. If
>> a low priority thread gets the lock and a medium priority thread
>> preempts it, can't that block a high priority thread indefinitely? I
>> believe OS X and Windows do not have locks with priority ceiling or
>> priority inheritance protocols, and it appears that Linux offers
>> priority inheritance but does not use it in malloc/free as implemented
>> in glibc, so it seems that priority inversion is (still) a potential
>> problem. Does ZeroMQ offer a solution?
>>      -Roger Dannenberg
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