[zeromq-dev] IPC address validity

Michaël Melchiore rohel01 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:54:11 CET 2013

There is a gotcha with ipc endpoints on Unixes.

ipc_endpoint = "ipc://*address*"

*address* is actually a file path where zeromq will create the file
representing your ipc communication channel. Consequently, *address* should
point to a file where you have read/write access.

"ipc://whatever" is translated into the *relative *path "whatever" to
ZeroMQ which will create it in your working directory

"ipc:///whatever" is translated into the *absolute *path "/whatever" where
you are unlikey ti have r/w rights

"ipc:///directory/whatever" is translated into the *absolute *path
"/directory/whatever" which will make ZeroMQ to fail if directory does not

2013/1/9 Claudio Carbone <erupter at libero.it>

> On 09/01/13 12:52, Ben Gray wrote:
> > On 9 January 2013 11:40, Claudio Carbone <erupter at libero.it> wrote:
> >> On 09/01/13 12:32, Ben Gray wrote:
> >> I'm using 3.2.2 and the only address that works for me is the first.
> >> Would you mind telling me how can I conduct the same test you did?
> >> I don't have any test_delay_connection anywhere, not even in the zeromq
> >> source folder.
> >>
> > Turns out it was called test_connect_delay.cpp not
> > test_delay_connection.cpp, sorry about that
> >
> Ben which part did you modify to test the ipc address?
> There are a lot of sockets and I'm unsure which ones are control sockets
> and which one are transport sockets.
> Regards
> Claudio
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