[zeromq-dev] IPC address validity

Claudio Carbone erupter at libero.it
Wed Jan 9 11:52:10 CET 2013

On 08/01/13 23:25, Ian Barber wrote:
> What is the actual address you're passing which triggers the assert?

This is the pure string: "epgm://;\\n"

But it must be something else because that's exactly what I was passing 
when the subscriber was being created in the main thread.
I then cut&pasted the same instruction into the child thread, and 
devised a method to pass all the parameters: by passing a pointer to a 
structure cast to void, and then recasting the pointer to the structure 
type inside the child thread.

During my changing and adapting the code, I somehow broke something 
which was working before.
Although I can't understand what as all the parameters appear to be 
correct, and also what is passed to the zmq inner routines appears correct.
So I'm at a loss at the moment as to what causes this.

But it must be the address as the assert is on that.
Although it is correct...


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