[zeromq-dev] Encryption Library

Tom Cocagne tom.cocagne at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 05:54:28 CET 2013

The hmac module in the Python standard library may be easily used for
message authentication and integrity needs. As for encryption, the
pycrypto module will probably meet your needs. Assuming that both the
publisher and all subscribing nodes share a secret key, it's
exceedingly simple (less than 50 lines of code) to AES encrypt each
ZeroMQ message segment and append an HMAC  digest.


On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 5:13 PM, Matthew Hawn <steamraven at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am sure this has been discussed endlessly on the list, but I am looking
> for message based authentication, message integrity and encryption for
> PUB-SUB.  And since the first rule of cryptography is "Don't do it
> yourself", I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of a
> library to use.  Python is my preferred language and I will be using ZeroMQ
> 3.2
> Thanks,
> Matt Hawn
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