[zeromq-dev] mdp_broker sample is crashing [ Are there any known issues when running on 32 bit Ubuntu ? ]

Alan Vogt alanovogt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 22:36:25 CET 2013

Hey Pieter:

You were right.   There was something not right with my build.

In this case it was my build of the CZMQ library.   I had configured with
--prefix so that <make> would know where to put the CZMQ output files.
But I had neglected to give a hint about where my new 3.2 library is for
zmq itself.
So CZMQ was built with bindings to the old version of zmq.

I reconfigured like this:    (then did a fresh build and install of czmq)
   >>>   ./configure --prefix=/usr/czmq_local   --with-libzmq=/usr/zmq_local

That made it more better I think.   My Majordomo broker is brokering away.

Thanks.  I appreciate that you are monitoring this list and providing
advice the way you do.   ZMQ is Awesome!

- Alan
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