[zeromq-dev] Joining a cluster

Lee Sylvester lee.sylvester at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 16:39:32 CET 2013

Hey guys,

So, I have a distributed application sitting on a cluster of servers.  Each node within this cluster has a service that creates and handles websockets for end users.  When users request a web socket, *one* of the servers (the least used, but nearest) creates the socket and returns it.  Great!.  These websocket services also manage rooms for users.  Now, the problem I have is, I need to connect each servers websocket service so that, when a user on one server submits a message to his "room", the other members of the same room, but on other servers, also get this message.

I want to use ZMQ for this.  I'm guessing I need some form of mesh or P2P setup using interconnecting these services.  Could someone here tell me if I'm right or perhaps suggest a better solution?  Are their any examples that describe what I'm trying to do?


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