[zeromq-dev] Unit-Testing ZMQ

Christoph Heindl christoph.heindl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 07:03:23 CET 2013


I'm currently writing unit tests for my ZMQ based project. It offers a
server client based on the publisher/subscriber pattern to fan-out data
without back-chatter. Alternatively a more reliable client / server
implementation is implemented.  I wonder about how to approach the testing:

 - how to test a publisher subscriber? Since there are nearly no guarantees
on the receiving side (messages can be lost), I wonder how I should
reasonably test this. How's ZMQ testing publisher/subscriber?

 - how to test timeouts? The reliable server/client implementation and the
client-side of the fast server support wait timeouts.  I'd like to test
them. However, these tests are carried out on our build servers that host
many projects. Multiple projects at a time can be active, which means that
the processor can be quite busy, which makes testing for time a hard thing.
How are those tests performed in ZMQ?

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