[zeromq-dev] Bidirectional asynchronous communication

Adam Covitch adam.covitch at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 14:09:15 CET 2013

Does ZeroMQ support a pattern where a single pair of sockets exist such
that either side can initiate a message? Also, communication is
asynchronous? So far the only solution I've found is having two
REQ/ROUTER/DEALER/REP channels, one in each direction. Asynchrony is
provided through the use of zmq_poll().  Can this be done using a single

-- Further details --
I am new to ZeroMQ and messaging in general. Our team is designing a
messaging framework to fit into a preexisting application model that
consists multiple applications. The number and type of applications
dynamically changes, but they are all either servies or user-launched

We would like to use ZeroMQ to enabled communication _among_ our
applications. I had envisioned a central component that would establish
communication between the application based on a set of business logic
rules (i.e. "connect me to the only instance of application X that exists
in teh same grapphics context as myself"). Communication would then be
either spun off between the two nodes or continue through the central
component. We haven't decided yet. But each component (even the central
component) must be able to both initiate and reply to messages.

My question is in how to establish the links between each application that
allows either side to initiate the conversation, and also how to make the
conversations sufficiently bulletproof such that if one side crashes the
other side doesn't hang waiting for a reply (I intend to use asynchrony for

I was hoping for a full-duplex sort of socket pattern, but I haven't found
one so far.

Thank you!
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