[zeromq-dev] zguide-master/examples/C++/identity hangs

Jeff Franks jfranks at egcircuits.com
Tue Feb 12 16:00:54 CET 2013

The identity example in zguide works differently for C and C++ bindings.
This does not seem like the expected behavior. Is there a fix?

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Zguide-master.zip (fresh)

Zguide-master/examples/C/identity                      works okay
Zguide-master/examples/C++/identity                 hangs


C++ binding example hangs

jfranks at egc-010-B:~/Downloads/zguide-master/examples/C++$ ./identity
[01c]ROUTER uses a generated UUID

C binding example works according to the guide

jfranks at egc-010-B:~/Downloads/zguide-master/examples/C$ ./identity
[005] 006B8B4567
[028] ROUTER uses a generated UUID
[005] PEER2
[040] ROUTER socket uses REQ's socket identity
jfranks at egc-010-B:~/Downloads/zguide-master/examples/C$

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