[zeromq-dev] Using system select with ZMQ Dealer/Router and Multi-Part messages

Tobias Scharnberg t.scharnberg at wenzel-elektronik.de
Mon Feb 11 14:45:55 CET 2013

I'm trying to use a Dealer and a Router socket in combination with 
system select() instead of zmq_poll. We do use an event class in our 
projects that is based on select, so I tried to use this instead of 

I wrote two test programs. Both use select() for READ events on the 
dealer socket and on the router socket, and I do check the ZMQ_EVENTS 
type if the event fires.

One part (ZMQ Dealer) repeatedly sends a multipart message to the ZMQ 
Router test program.
The ZMQ Router gets READ event from select for the first message, and I 
read the full multipart message from the socket. But after that I don't 
get another event - until I stop the ZMQ Dealer test program, then I 
receive the SECOND sent message.

I did read in the API that I do have to check the ZMQ_EVENTS after each 
zmq_send(), which I do after reading all parts of the multipart message.

Do I need to check the ZMQ_EVENTS after every read? Even if I'm in the 
middle of receiving a multipart message?

Do I need to do the same after each zmq_rcv() on the other side, even 
though I dont send anything there?

Copied Text from API:
The returned file descriptor is also used internally by the zmq_send and 
zmq_recv functions. As the descriptor is edge triggered, applications
must update the state of ZMQ_EVENTS after each invocation of zmq_send or 
zmq_recv.To be more explicit: after calling zmq_send the socket may 
become readable (and vice versa) without triggering a read event on the 
file descriptor.

What does  "applications must update the state of ZMQ_EVENTS after each 
invocation of zmq_send or zmq_recv" exactly mean? I'm using 
zmq_getsockopt - does this update the ZMQ_EVENTS ?

I did a search in the mailing list, found some other mailings around the 
same topic, but I am still a little bit confused. Hope you can help me 
clear things up.

Greetings, Tobias

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