[zeromq-dev] a more modern, Java-idiomatic jzmq/jeromq API

John Watson jkwatson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 05:27:04 CET 2013

Hello, all.

I'm interested in creating a new Java API for zeroMQ.  I don't want to
reproduce all the great work done by the folks who are working and
maintaining jzmq and jeromq.  So, I was thinking of creating a wrapper API
in the jeromq project, which could then, if & when people like it, be moved
over into the jzmq project as well.

I'd like to (for example)

1) Use enums, instead of ints.
2) Make the API as a whole a little more OO
3) Rely less on inner classes, and promote things like the Poller to a
top-level class, etc.

In general, I want to create an API that will look like a first-class,
modern java API, rather than a thin wrapper over the C API.

I would also, in the process, port the 'guide' examples over to use this
API, as well (retaining the existing ones, too).

Comments, thoughts?

  John Watson
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