[zeromq-dev] ZMQ_STREAM and multipart messages

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Mon Dec 30 18:02:46 CET 2013

Hi Devs,

In *test_stream.cpp*, the ZMQ_SNDMORE flag is tested on receive with:

rc = zmq_msg_recv (&identity, stream, 0);
     assert (rc > 0);
     assert (zmq_msg_more (&identity));

and is set with:

rc = zmq_msg_send (&identity, stream, ZMQ_SNDMORE);

I note that *zmq_msg_recv* / *zmq_msg_send* are used with the identity 
where ZMQ_SNDMORE is set and tested, while for the message payload, 
*zmq_send* / *zmq_recv* are used, but used without multipart.

So, my question is: Is it legitimate to use *zmq_send */*zmq_recv* with 
multipart messages, and then to use:

rc = zmq_getsockopt (frontend, ZMQ_RCVMORE, &more, &moresz);


In my test with streamq-proxy where I am testing now multipart messages, 
it fails, but I want to be sure from where the problem is.


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