[zeromq-dev] Identity and reconnection

Greg Ward greg at gerg.ca
Tue Dec 17 23:33:05 CET 2013

On 17 December 2013, Lindley French said:
> This is a bit of a novice question, but I can't find any answer to this in
> the Guide....
> If a DEALER is connected to a ROUTER, and the underlying TCP connection
> goes down for some reason and is then reestablished, will the DEALER still
> have the same identity in the ROUTER?


Disclaimer: I'm not a 0MQ expert, and I haven't read the source code
or the documentation for this. But late last week, I incorrectly
assumed that the same 0MQ ID works for the entire lifetime of a
server, even if clients disconnect and reconnect. That incorrect
assumption cost me 2 days of debugging. Learn from my fail. ;-)


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