[zeromq-dev] Some questions about EdgeNet.

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Tue Dec 17 04:51:18 CET 2013

I finished reading "Culture and Empire", and a review will come this
Anyhow, some things weren't clear about EdgeNet.

1. How will smartphones see each other via zyre? I can think of two

  1) In all smartphones, WiFi hotspots are turned on to create asynchronous
      In this case, smartphones simply don't connect to each other.
      However, there may be things that I missed.

  2) Some smartphones act as WiFi hotspots, and other smartphones connect
to them.

  3) Smartphones use nearby WiFi router boxes to see each other.

2. How are destinations specified in EdgeNet?

Here's my guess.
If EdgeNet doesn't depend on IP addresses, destination could be specified
by public key.
Assume that you want to send a message to tomie.
You download tomie's public key on the internet and encrypt messages with
the public key.
Once the message enters EdgeNet, it spreads to every EdgeNet-capable
smartphone until a specific amount of time passes.
If tomie receives the message, his phone can decrypt the message and send
ACK back to the messege sender. If there is no ACK within a certain
deadline, the message can be sent again.

3. What are the primary usages for EdgeNet?

It would be secure but very inefficient compared to broadband connections.
Its inherent inefficiency deters itself from replacing broadband

My guess would be that people will use broadband internet for public
and that they will use EdgeNet or other darknets for private/sensitive
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