[zeromq-dev] What exact networking problems ZMQ does solve?

artemv zmq artemv.zmq at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 19:00:13 CET 2013

Yes I read a guide. But I want to ask question and get answer from real
ppl. based on real use cases.

Ok. Let me re-phrase a bit.

- how one can benefit from automatic reconnection?
- how one can benefit from HWM and in-memory message queueing if he/she
develops peer-to-peer transactional appl.?
- if peer is not connected and we send message there, why it's good idea to
keep message in memory? where it helps?
-  can I use ZMQ if I want develop something akin to http server? if this
server is down, then can I get exception that I can't send him a msg?


2013/12/10 Gregg Irwin <gregg at pointillistic.com>

> az> Can you please itemize what exact networking issues ZMQ does solve?
> az> I have count 1 -- reconnection. Ok. But can you please provide more?
> Have you read the bullet points at http://zeromq.org/, or skimmed
> http://zeromq.org/intro:read-the-manual or the preface in the guide
> (http://zguide.zeromq.org/page:all)?
> -- Gregg
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