[zeromq-dev] Ordering of message delivery from different procs

Thomas Johnson thomas.j.johnson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 00:34:55 CET 2013

I'm developing a Python app that's similar to the ventilator example in the
Guide. One of the key differences is that in my app, only the source will
know when all of the processing is complete (in the Guide, it's the sink
that knows).

So my ventilator control process runs a bunch of worker processes on
different machines and sends them work to do. They process the work and
send results to a sink. When all work is done, the control process shuts
them down. The workers don't exit until they close the zmq socket (which I
believe means that there are no more messages waiting to go out, since I
don't set linger).

When everything is done I need to terminate the sink. If all of my worker
processes have exited and closed their sockets, can I send a poison pill
from the control process to the sink and be assured that it's the last
message that will get to the sink?
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