[zeromq-dev] Using ZeroMQ in VS2012 C++

Haim Argaman hargaman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 21:45:01 CET 2013

Hello Shon,

Found this post of yours:

It's addressing what I'm trying to do except of that I'm using VS2013 but I
guess that shouldn't make difference.

Tried to follow your instructions but still have some challenges. I'd
appreciate it if you can help me.

1. I've added the 'include' folder to the project include path, but there is
no mzq.hpp file there; there is only zmq.h, so can't even get compilation

2. Not sure what you mean by libzmq<whatever>.lib and .dll. What is the
,whatever. and where should I find these lib and dll files.

I'd really appreciate it if you can help me get through these 2 challenges,
then I'll see if there are more showing up.



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