[zeromq-dev] Fundamental question on ZMQ. How to determine message fail/success without HWM-arking?

artemv zmq artemv.zmq at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 19:25:35 CET 2013

I personally has been thinking about next solution:

- message sender sets send_hwm=0. And that's it.  But problem is that
socket.send()  returns "true"  even if I send to unexisting peer.

2013/12/5 artemv zmq <artemv.zmq at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> My name is Artem. I stay with ZMQ (on java) a year or so. Got a cool
> question for you, ppl!
> Here's my story. Recently I entered a new company (gambling games), after
> working few weeks, after getting accustomed with a code, I found that they
> are building very-unnecessarly-complex-distibuted-application ...  I was
> unhappy few days, because couldn't even imagine how to support ALL THAT
> CRAP in an upcoming future. So I suggested ZMQ hoping that ZMQ will "open
> eyes" to others.  But, as a feedback I got one big fundamental concern
> (from chief architects):
> - we have to know only one thing about every message: it has been
> delivered onto remote peer or not
> And few additional comments:
> -we don't care if message will get lost on a network
> - we don't need guarantee deliveri
> - no RPC / everything is asynchronous
> - we don't need HWM
> So I'm here, because I really can't address this question: "for every
> single message how to know : whether it was delivered or not" .
> Thanks in advance. And appreciate for your help.
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