[zeromq-dev] router to router combination

Robin 18215681300 at 163.com
Mon Dec 2 16:47:06 CET 2013


I'm fairly new to ZeroMQ.I  made a example.
use a router socket (set Identify to A) connect to another router socket  (set Identify to B)  through  tcp.
(every router socket in an endpoint  mean a harbor for trans msg in this example, am i use zeromq right in this way?)

the problem is . if i kill A  (simulate crash ) ,and restart it.  i cant send  msg from B to A any more .
why  am i use zeromq in a wrong way. or i should setting somthing?

Thanks Very mush!

i tracked the code ,found this 
1. if A dead ,the pipe state set to wait_dilimiter in B,but not erased. 
2. A restart again,try register to b use identify "A". but the identify A is used because the last pipe_t have not erased in step1
3. the send func keep block..
but i still dont know waht is the right way  to resolve it. 

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