[zeromq-dev] compiling for HP-UX

brian jackson brian.j.jackson at oracle.com
Wed Sep 26 01:53:58 CEST 2012

So, is there any magic to getting zeromq to compile on an HP-UX system?  if so...please share :)  I have dug through the archives, but mostly found things from 2008 and others that had different errors that said they were fixed in 3.2.0.  I figured I would ask here before filing bugs :)

I am not a C++ nor C programmer, so a lot of the errors are well...not my specialty

I'm running into problems getting this compiled using the HP aCC++ compiler
aCC: HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.14
HP-UX  B.11.31 U ia64

zeromq 2.2.0 has this error:
  CXX    libzmq_la-ctx.lo
"poll.hpp", line 84: error #2020: identifier "pollfd" is undefined
          typedef std::vector <pollfd> pollset_t;

1 error detected in the compilation of "ctx.cpp".

same system with zeromq 3.2.0:
  CXX    libzmq_la-address.lo
"tcp_address.hpp", line 42: error #2020: identifier "sockaddr" is undefined
          tcp_address_t (const sockaddr *sa, socklen_t sa_len);
"tcp_address.hpp", line 57: error #2020: identifier "sa_family_t" is undefined
          sa_family_t family () const;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 59: error #2020: identifier "sockaddr" is undefined
          const sockaddr *addr () const;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 69: error #2020: identifier "sockaddr" is undefined
              sockaddr generic;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 70: error #2020: identifier "sockaddr_in" is undefined
              sockaddr_in ipv4;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 71: error #2020: identifier "sockaddr_in6" is undefined
              sockaddr_in6 ipv6;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 89: warning #2815-D: type qualifier on return type is
          const int mask () const;
"tcp_address.hpp", line 91: warning #2815-D: type qualifier on return type is
          const bool match_address (const struct sockaddr *ss, const socklen_t ss_len) const;

6 errors detected in the compilation of "address.cpp".

any help and/or pointers is GREATLY appreciated.

Brian Jackson
Oracle - PDIT - DevOps

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