[zeromq-dev] ROUTER-DEALER missing connects/messages.

Dowd, Brian Brian.Dowd at commerzbank.com
Tue Sep 25 15:51:42 CEST 2012

Hi all,
   I am trying to get a simple example ROUTER/DEALER working, but seem to be hitting a problem
that I've seen referred to in a few places - basically that of los/missing messages.

I need my clients (DEALERs) and server (ROUTER) to be able to stop & start independently .. they will be
in separate processes.

My ROUTER will be the server and there will be multiple DEALER-clients however I cannot do the Thread.sleep()
that appears in the rtdealer example in my real production code.

I've seen some traffic about it and tried some suggestions in my code -
1. Thread.sleep() - from original rtdealer, works but not deterministically and cannot use in PROD.
2. Send a message through on each side to complete the connection, does not fully work.

I've also seen some issues about it in the newsgroups, and am wondering if this is an issue with the
later versions of zero mq... I don't know.


I also could not see a JIRA issue reported against exactly this behaviour, so perhaps I am doing something silly ....

I am using java version 1.6.0-21 and ZMQ version version 3.2.0-rc1 as recommended for new projects.
The OS is Windows x86 architecture.

I have also run (not the example) a more comprehensive version on linux boxes, and they seem to work
sometimes and not others (timing related) I believe it is the same problem that the example code illustrates,
this is on i386/Linux.

Here is a paste bin of my example code - http://pastebin.com/s1gJpcP9

Any help very much appreciated.


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