[zeromq-dev] Pull request to retire "devices" and replace with "proxies"

Daisuke Maki lestrrat at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 02:46:40 CEST 2012

I'm just trying to avoid seeing 2.x -> 3.0 -> 3.x nightmare by being vocal.

> The 'current' major release is actually 2.x, which is unaffected.
> There has still yet to be a single stable 3.x release.

But 3.x has been released. People download it, and I have a few users
for the binding.
Yeah, so it's not "stable" so I'd be okay seeing bugs, but /if/ it
were to break compatibility in terms of a function rename (which means
it's not a change for functionality) and my users complain to me,
which in turn will make me be pissed as hell (yes, I know it's not
going to happen in this particular point)

I'm just making sure it's taken into account by actually voicing that I care.
And if it is, then by all means, please push the innovation forward.

So just to recap:
   * I dig bug fixes, new features
   * I DONT dig gratuitous aesthetic changes w/o back-compatibility
   * I'm just making sure that there's somebody thinking about it,
     because if nobody says it out loud and it slips by, I'm the one to blame

In this case it looks like it is taken care of, so my job is done :)



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