[zeromq-dev] Multicast and wlan0

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Fri Sep 7 18:20:44 CEST 2012

On 7 September 2012 10:21, Will Heger <will.heger at gmail.com> wrote:

> From the original post, the test code I'm using (quoted below).
> I have run this producer/consumer pair (different hosts) using the
> following variations:
> epgm://             # does not complain, does not deliver
> epgm://wlan0;    # dies with "Assertion failed: rc ==
> 0" on a machine with a wireless iface
> epgm://eth0;      # dies with "Assertion failed: rc ==
> 0" on a machine with a wired iface
> epgm://             # sanity check non-multicast IP -
> dies "Assertion failed: rc == 0"
 0MQ 2.2 is a bit limited on reporting PGM errors, this has been improved
in the 3.x series.  I would suggest building OpenPGM independently with
SCons and using the examples within to test network operation and why the
network parameter is not working as expected.


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