[zeromq-dev] about zmq_poll implementation

diffuser78 diffuser78 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 02:41:05 CEST 2012


I am using a ZMQ FD in an external select() loop, that is, a ZMQ FD is
added to the set of fds (regular unix fds) in an external select loop.

Consider a situation, for a given message (in a router dealer pattern),
only a few bytes are received at the receiver end and not the complete
message, so the external select() loop would wake up the ZMQ FD since it
can read atleast few bytes, but when we do a ZMQ_POLL, ZMQ  doesn't return
any FD since no complete message is recvd (only a few bytes have been
recvd). My question is:

Next time, would external select() wake up ZMQ FD again because it is level
triggered or does ZMQ internally reads those bytes so that external select
loop won't wake up ZMQ FD until new set of bytes are received ?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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