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Bob SSiem socialsiem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 01:49:08 CET 2012


First of all Thanks for the fantastic library!  It's been a pleasure to use
and I'm thinking about releasing my "zmq server builder" ruby code if I can
get it more stable.  Think Rack for zmq with some goodies like hmac msg
auth and throttling.  Anyway on to my dilemma.

I'm working on a new project and have several zmq components.

client -----> Server ----> Relay ----> logstash

I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to know when the chain of love
is broken.  A bit more detail

client --NAT---> Server <--NAT--> Relay ----> logstash
Are there known issues with NAT traversal in zmq?  It would seem the lack
of protocol security has most people using this in a LAN environment.  I'm
using TCP_KEEPALIVE, but my network lost power today and I lost an hour of

Even more detail
                                                    client <----NAT A---->
logstash PULL <----------- PUSH  relay <----NAT B----> XREQ

so NAT B went poof and nothing seemed to queue, server got messages from
the client, they did not show up on the relay, and when I restarted the
relay it didn't send any queue'd messages.  Generally I can do a graceful
shutdown and it all works great, but the tcp connection hanging is really
hard to troubleshoot.  Thoughts?

Bob Manda
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