[zeromq-dev] Router not reporting auto-generated identities?

Pieter Hintjens pieterh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 02:49:27 CET 2012

Yes, you're not the first person to be confused by this. We could maybe use
another reserved value instead of 0, and use printable autogenerated
identities. These don't cross the network.

On Oct 28, 2012 11:17 PM, "Merijn Verstraaten" <merijn at inconsistent.nl>

> On Oct 28, 2012, at 21:38 , Merijn Verstraaten wrote:
> > While playing around with the code (latest version of the zeromq/libzmq
> repo) I noticed the issue: A recv on a router is supposed to add a message
> envelope containing the sender's identity, but this doesn't seem happen for
> auto generated identities.
> And immediately after sending this, it occurs to me that auto-generated
> identities start with a value \0, thus (of course) rendering my test
> completely wrong and meaning everything works just fine.
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> Merijn
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