[zeromq-dev] Router not reporting auto-generated identities?

Merijn Verstraaten merijn at inconsistent.nl
Sun Oct 28 21:38:36 CET 2012

While playing around with the code (latest version of the zeromq/libzmq repo) I noticed the issue: A recv on a router is supposed to add a message envelope containing the sender's identity, but this doesn't seem happen for auto generated identities.

Attached I have a simple test program that will run either a server (>2 arguments) or client (<=2 arguments), the client starts a ROUTER and simply prints all parts of a message on a single line. The server will use the second argument as IDENTITY and send any further arguments as messages to the client using a DEALER socket.

This produces the expected output:
$ ./test foo bar baz xyzzy quux

$ ./test
foo bar
foo baz
foo xyzzy
foo quux

So far, so good. Now, if we uncomment the zmq_setsockopt in the server we'd expect the router to produce auto-generated identities, but this doesn't happen.

$ ./test foo bar baz xyzzy quux

$ ./test

Did I misunderstand anything or is this a bug?

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