[zeromq-dev] PHP and zeromq in web application

Naveen Palli naveen.palli at aja-tech.com
Wed Oct 10 20:22:25 CEST 2012


I'm unable to load the PHP/zeromq module in apache correctly. On the
command line the php script works fine but when I put it on the server it
returns with a 500 server error. I could boil it down to the very simplest




the script above works fine on the command line. However when I try to load
it in apache it returns with a 500 server error. The PHP/Apache setup is
working fine in general, however it will not work when I try to connect to
zeromq. There is no problem with timeout php scripts with longer execution
times (up to 10 seconds) return fine in the web setup.

PHP: 5.3.10
apache: 2.2.22
Ubuntu: 12.04
zeromq: 3.2.0

any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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