[zeromq-dev] ROUTER->DEALER upon same dealer reconnect causing message to go 'pending' and causing router->dealer connection to term.

Dowd, Brian Brian.Dowd at commerzbank.com
Tue Oct 2 18:20:05 CEST 2012

Hi All,
    I have an issue in Linux OS, with java bindings, with a server-client pair I'd written where the topology was as folllows:

   server                      client
   ROUTER ----------->    DEALER - socket-1
   DEALER <-----------    ROUTER - socket-2

I had issues with this and changed it to:
   server                      client
   ROUTER ----------->    DEALER
   PULL     <-----------     PUSH

I also had the same issues with this so changed it to:
   server                      client
   PUB       ----------->    SUB
   PULL     <-----------     PUSH
This worked (for TCP traffic, but IPC fails as does using TCP over loopback...).

However, strangely they all fail in seemingly the same way:
  1. I start up my server.
  2. I start up the client - it sends in a login-request.
  3. Login-request is read by the server
  4. The server sends a login-response back to the client.
This works OK the first time, then subsequently when I kill and restart that-specific client with the same dealer identity,
the Login-response never makes it down to the client as that pipe is terminated ....

I read the guide, and checked JIRA and could not see anything like this ...
I also tried version 2.2.0 and it fails in the same way ...
I also tried this on a much simpler test-version and it works (perhaps my simple test version is missing something simple
but I dont believe so - as it does a login-req (client->server) and a login-resp the other way, then heartbeats....)
I cannot understand why anything in my more comprehensive version can be affecting this, so I started adding some debug messages into the
C++ library and rebuilding it (version 3.2.0-rc1)...

In C++ land I found:
- The server->client response gets as far as router.cpp::xsend()
- It looks like the msg "state" on the outbound pipe is being set to "pending"
- It looks like the msg for sending is pending because the previous zmq.cpp:zmq_msg_recv() call
  results in some kind of terminate command being propogated to the command handler and causing a pipe term to
  be called ie pipe.cpp:process_pipe_term() from the zmq_msg_recv() (I could not get a decent stacktrace unfortunately).

Any help/assistance would be much appreciated.

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