[zeromq-dev] 0MQ for C#

Rico Rojas rico at rodaddys.com
Fri Nov 30 02:53:24 CET 2012

I'm new to 0MQ, but I have been able to get some good stuff working in python.

The problem is for it to be really useful to the current client I want to use it for, I need to use it in C#.

My issue is that in the guide all of the examples show
using ZMQ;

And the code is all very similar to what I am doing with python.  But I can not find anyway to use 0MQ in C# other than clrzmq via NuGet, and with this you do using ZeroMQ; and the syntax is different.  What do I have to do &| get to be able to use the samples in the Guide?




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