[zeromq-dev] zmq_send_msg return positive number not zero

Stathis Gkotsis stathis.gkotsis at commsquare.com
Wed Nov 28 23:39:17 CET 2012

According to this: http://api.zeromq.org/3-3:zmq-msg-send , the return value is the number of bytes in the message if successful.
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Subject: [zeromq-dev] zmq_send_msg return positive number not zero

Code snippet below…..

rc = zmq_msg_send(&zmqRequestMessage,pZmqSocket,0);
if (rc) {
pResponse->errnumber = errno;

In debug mode, I check the value of rc and get a value of 329, which just happens to be my message size.  Am I doing something wrong here.  Seems to be behaving like socket send, return #bytes sent.  Doc says rc should be 0.

Thank you

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