[zeromq-dev] client doesn't receive all messages from server

Alexandr Druzhinin drug2004 at bk.ru
Wed Nov 28 08:14:24 CET 2012

First of all I'd like to thank Peter and the others for their great and 
very useful work.
But I have some question - I take clonecli1 and clonesrv1, run the 
client first and then start the server (all on the same box, ubuntu 
12.04), then interrupt them with ctrl-c (now the server is the first) 
and the server always put more messages out than clients get in. Except 
when I use a little delay in main loop like:


in this case clients receive all messages, but throughput is 
considerably worse. What did I wrong or may be missed out? Or it should 
be so?

Thanks in advance,

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