[zeromq-dev] Is there already native "high level" connection pool?

Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis xekoukou at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:41:07 CET 2012

Just buffer the message parts yourself and send them when the last part has
Why not do that?

2012/11/26 Stefan de Konink <stefan at konink.de>

> On 11/26/12 22:15, Michel Pelletier wrote:
> > How would your pool proposal provide the same guarantee?  It sounds like
> > you should just PUSH your posts on down the pipeline as soon as they
> > arrive, and let a downstream consumer deal with accumulating them into a
> > single multi-part message.
> You forget a hairy detail: you cannot break up multi-part messages in
> ZeroMQ. Hence the start of Post A followed by the start of Post B at the
> same socket will go very bad... right? Every SND_MORE applied to a
> message part is effectively the n-th message in a row on the socket. The
> problem is that interleaving mesages is not possible.
> A socket pool would facilitate that a certain number of sockets of the
> defined type are available and shall directly used, without the cost of
> building the connection. The pool should maintain the minimum number of
> connections, and when more free connections are given back than the
> minimum, the remaining connection should be closed.
> Opposed to manually opening a socket each time when a message is to be
> send, this remove the TIME_WAIT status the closed socket will and up in.
> On a very high number of request the system will break under resource
> starvation.
> STefan
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