[zeromq-dev] Is there already native "high level" connection pool?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Nov 26 22:33:02 CET 2012

On 11/26/12 22:15, Michel Pelletier wrote:
> How would your pool proposal provide the same guarantee?  It sounds like
> you should just PUSH your posts on down the pipeline as soon as they
> arrive, and let a downstream consumer deal with accumulating them into a
> single multi-part message.

You forget a hairy detail: you cannot break up multi-part messages in
ZeroMQ. Hence the start of Post A followed by the start of Post B at the
same socket will go very bad... right? Every SND_MORE applied to a
message part is effectively the n-th message in a row on the socket. The
problem is that interleaving mesages is not possible.

A socket pool would facilitate that a certain number of sockets of the
defined type are available and shall directly used, without the cost of
building the connection. The pool should maintain the minimum number of
connections, and when more free connections are given back than the
minimum, the remaining connection should be closed.

Opposed to manually opening a socket each time when a message is to be
send, this remove the TIME_WAIT status the closed socket will and up in.
On a very high number of request the system will break under resource


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