[zeromq-dev] Is there already native "high level" connection pool?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Nov 26 00:29:50 CET 2012

In order to guarantee that multipart messages generated in different
threads and different times are synchronously send we are currently
using a socket per message. This is a wasteful operation, neither we
want to buffer messages.

Is there currently any thing available that could closely mimic a high
level connection pool? Fundamentally I am looking for something that
works like:

socket_pool = zmq_pool(context, ZMQ_PUSH);
zmq_pool_connect(socktet, 'uri://blabla', 8); // pre-connect 8

socket = zmq_pool_dispatch(socket_pool);

// do the sending

zmq_pool_done(socket_pool, socket);


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