[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ 3.2.2rc2, epgm and .NET ?

Marten Feldtmann itlists at schrievkrom.de
Sat Nov 17 22:35:54 CET 2012

I was using 0MQ 2.2 for some time now (under .NET and Smalltalk) and I 
am now jumping to 0MQ 3.2.2 with both platforms.

I rewrote my own library around the official .NET wrapper to work with 
the version 3.2.2 ...

I have a simple publish/subscribe example as my test case and when 
working with tcp addresses, the example works as expected - both the 
subscriber and the publisher under .NET within the same executable 
produces the output and shows the receiving values. Fine.

Then I switched ONE line of code to exchange the tcp based address 
against an epgm address (in subscriber and publisher) and the subscribe 
part within my .NET test program is NOT receiving any stuff.

The publishing part seems to run, because when I test it against my 
Smalltalk based 0MQ 2.2 wrapper the Smalltalk program shows the output 
of the .NET publisher (which - as I said - runs under the 3.2.2 library).

On the other hand: I rewrote my Smalltalk wrapper to work with 3.2.2 and 
this does not work either when using epgm addresses.

I have not find any errors regarding epgm and I would assume, that such 
an error would have been found. Or has anything changed here ?

Any idea ?


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