[zeromq-dev] 3.2 release?

Nathan nathan.stocks at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:01:23 CET 2012

How's the 3.2 release process coming along?

I see that we had 0MQ version 3.2.0 (RC1), released on 2012/06/05.

Then we had 0MQ version 3.2.1 (RC2), released on 2012/10/15 (which is sort
of weird -- I guess the version number and release-candidate designation
are separate?).

I'm just trying to feel this out. I'm using 3.2.0 (RC1) for an internal
project and was hoping to skip the other RC's and just use the final -- but
if it's going to be awhile, perhaps I should go ahead and upgrade to RC2.

~ Nathan
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