[zeromq-dev] PUSH/ROUTER

Ilja Golshtein ilejncs at narod.ru
Tue Nov 13 17:22:01 CET 2012

Hello, List!

Is it eligible to pair PUSH and ROUTER sockets?

I have clients send requests require answers and 
clients who send some data to server and do not expect a response.
It seems technically possible to have either PUSH or REQ at client side 
and serve both types of input by ROUTER socket.

When ROUTER receives data, it looks like 
routing parts, then empty part, then application data in case of REQ and 
routing parts (which is useless) just before application data in case of PUSH.
Assuming the first application part is not empty, everything seems Ok.

1. No poll at server side.
2. One TCP port to open and to keep in mind.


zeromq 2.2, linux.

Best regards
Ilja Golshtein

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