[zeromq-dev] I've written a completely new C# API for ZeroMQ

Peter Thomas peter at pegster.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 18:04:52 CET 2012

I've only just come across this, after using clrzmq in the past. 
A couple of things needed updating (which you've probably already done,
bearing in mind your post is nearly a year old):-

All socket types can either Bind() or Connect(). 
You limit some of your sockets to doing one or the other, 
and the one they are allowed to do is sometimes not the usual choice. 
For example, it's usual for a Publish socket to Bind() and a
Subscriber socket to Connect() so that multiple subscribers can 
connect to a single publisher.

The could do with updating for ZeroMQ v3, which is now stable although 
still officially in beta. The update is largely just a replacement of 
all zmq_send calls with zmq_msg_send and zmq_recv with zmq_msg_recv. 
The order of the first two parameters will also need swapping, 
because of the symantic changes in ZeroMQ v3.

Having said all that, this is by far the best C# wrapper for ZMQ! 
It beats clrzmq hands down, great work  thanks for sharing it.

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