[zeromq-dev] threads versus cores

Peter Vittali mycircuit at sunrise.ch
Sat Nov 10 23:37:11 CET 2012


In the ZeroMq documentation there is mention of 'threads' and 'cores'
and it seems as if it is supposed
that each core can run one thread at a time ( that is without
switching between threads ).
However, my box has this CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120, which
according to spec has two cores and 4 threads.
Does this mean, for the purpose of designing 0mq apps, that I can
replace the term 'core' with 'thread' ?
In other words, on such a CPU, is the concurrency delimiting factor
for 0MQ the number of cores or the number of threads.

Thanks for your thoughts

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