[zeromq-dev] Poll on pair socket

Doron Somech somdoron at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 13:43:20 CET 2012


I'm trying to build a reactor which will also listen to the monitor socket.
the problem is that poll on a pair socket is not working.

checking the code i found out that the send_activate_read is never called
on a pair socket (which is causing the signaling on the socket the poll is
actually listen on).

I don't want to create a thread for each socket i'm going to monitor, other
alternative is to configure the socket with receive timeout of zero and use
don't wait option.

I'm not sure that the second solution is a good one, because I want one
thread to listen to both regular sockets and monitor sockets,
with that solution i have to do zmq_poll (with small timeout) and after the
poll call the recv for all the monitoring sockets.

Any suggestions?


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