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charleszhangjie at qq.com
Fri Nov 9 03:27:16 CET 2012

sorry, I made a mistake. "the net interface eth0 has two ip and"

actually eth0 is  while  eth0:1 is according to what ifconfig tool shows
 when I set a REQ (not REP) zmq_socket bind to eth0 or eth0:1, it seems not work as expected, the message is always sent from to the destination. Even I use specific IP address to bind rather than interface name, the result does not change.
can we  use zmq to control the source IP address on a connection to force the traffic ?

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On 9 November 2012 01:21, 猫 <charleszhangjie at qq.com> wrote:
 the net interface eth0 has two ip and

Can you provide a dump of the interface enumeration?  Each interface should still be unique, usually for IPv4 you would see eth0:0 and eth0:1, IPv6 permits multiple addresses on the same name but provides a unique index for each.

Workaround as ever is to specify the IP address or use the network name.

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