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I do some expirement:
 the net interface eth0 has two ip and
 set a REQ zmq_socket : bind(tcp:// and then connet to (tcp://
 then run the program, it sends message to the destination (tcp:// successfully, 
 when I use tcpdump tool to trace the message, I find the traffic is still ->
 It seems that the bind operation does not work because the program also works if I do not bind a specific address and the traffic does not change.
 If I want to the traffic change to ->, and I don't like to modify the system route configuration, how to do it?


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 I don't think he means that type of bind, I think this is about controlling the source IP address on a connection to force the traffic over a specific NIC. A zeromq bind is not the same thing as binding a source socket to a particular local IP address. I suspect this would take a socket option which could only be used before connect to implement it. For a host where the NICs are on different subnets this would could lead to cases where you cannot make a connection, but for the case where you have multiple NICs on the same subnet and are not using NIC bonding it could be useful for separating traffic.

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Yes. You can bind any socket to an interface.
 On Nov 8, 2012 8:46 PM, "猫" <charleszhangjie at qq.com> wrote:
  Can a REQ zmq_socket bind to a specific interface?
 we know a Ping program, an useful command on Unix, can bind a specific src adress and ping a remote host, using -I option. Can a zmq_socket do the same thing? I don't find it in zmq guide.
 ( As the Guide says, a REQ zmq_socket connects to a REP zmq_socket )




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You can bind to a specific interface (e.g. "tcp://eth0:5550") and connect to specific IP addresses.  

 On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:56 AM, 猫 <charleszhangjie at qq.com> wrote:
  I am a fresh programer of 0mq. Could you tell me how to comprehend this feature of 0mq:
It queues messages automatically when needed. It does this intelligently, pushing messages as close as possible to the receiver before queuing them.
 For example, I run a 0mq client on one linux machine with multi ip addresses configured using REQ-REP pattern. Different ip address referes to different route information. when zmq client connects to 0mq server on another machine, which ip adrress is binded to the client zmq_socket? Can I program to determine a specific ip so that I can trace the network package it sends.



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