[zeromq-dev] Where and when we can get the C# binding for Zeromq 3.2 ?

王鸿飞 wanghf1 at metersbonwe.com
Tue Nov 6 10:02:57 CET 2012


   As you know, we can get the C# binding for Zeromq 2.2.5 and Zeromq 3.0.0(No Stable),But I didn't find C# binding for Zeromq 3.2;in our project, we need implement publisher filter. so i have two questions as following:

 1. Where and when we can get the C# binding for Zeromq 3.2 ?

2. in Zeromq 3.2, whether it support IOCP protocol in windows?

Any questions, please feel free to contant me.






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