[zeromq-dev] which pattern to use

Michal Singer michal at leadspace.com
Mon Nov 5 10:48:40 CET 2012


I am new with ZMQ. I am checking it out to use for a distributed system. I
am reading the guide but I can't find an exactly suited pattern for our

I need a pattern for:

.         a services oriented system: one which consists of groups of
service, let's say group A (A1, A2, A3,.), group B (B1,B2,B3,..), group

.         These services are like 'workers'

.         Each service from each group can send a request to one service
from each of the other groups

.         The reply from the destination service can go to any of the other
services from the sending group


Something like this:


A1 (send request to)->B2 (send reply to)->A2 (send request to )->C1 (send
reply to )->A1



It is some sort of a push-pull where any service should have a 'PUSH' and
'PULL' socket.

It is also some kind of a dealer to dealer type of a pattern, though it is
important that the reply can return to any of the sending group.


I got to chapter 6 and couldn't find any good examples of the PUSH-PULL
pattern and it seems like I need one to fully cover all scenarios of
reliability and so on.


What should I do?


Thanks in advance, Michal


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