[zeromq-dev] Messages not delivered

Arun Dobriyal arundobriyaliitkgp at gmail.com
Mon May 28 12:58:31 CEST 2012

How do you implement queues in the ZeroMq, When I tried implementing a
client and server in Zeromq, I dont know how zeromq implements queue if

I implemented the basic example for "Ask and ye shall receive", I tweaked
the example so that there is no ack messages as sent in that example (so
clients only send and server only receives),

the client sends ten messages one by one and exits, and i made the server
slow( made sleep time of server to 1)

As I print what the server received, the server doesnt seem to get all the
messages sent by the client..

Initially I thought probably the server would queue the client requests in
some kind of queue, but from my code, it doesnt seem to work that way
(messages are lost)!!

Any suggestions..


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